My own personal intervention

There are many reasons why this blog (amongst a few other things) didn’t get updated at all for the last six months. So, in the spirit of many a “self improvement” makeover show, here is a list of things that I must overcome to help me update this blog more. SO…

My iPad
Easy access to Internet pornography
Roy Hodgson
Tom Hicks
George Gillett
Boredom due to my iPad
Wordpress iOS App not working
Ill health
Boredom because of my iPad
Roy Hodgson, Tom Hicks & George Gillett (as a group, not just on their own)
Mass Effect 2
Taking my job too seriously
Addictiveness of Twitter
Easy access to pornography on my iPad

Ok, I’m bored now.

Oh, one last one. Boredom. That’s about it I think.

WordPress App in working SHOCKER!

Nice to see that the WordPress App now actually works properly on the iPad. Not going to lie, if this had been working properly from the start then I would’ve found myself blogging and writing alot more than I have on here.

And that’s a shame. For me at least. Could have got so much done over the last 6-9 months but alas it was not to be. One thing I think I will be doing from now on is posting more of the random videos (and rants) on here and far less on Twitter. Though I think I’ve said that about 47 million times in the last 18 months and I still post on Twitter like a mentalist.

Anyway, nice to see they’ve updated the WordPress app, none the less. I leave you a picture I’ve decided to randomly attach to see how the photo adding bit of this works.