Less of the Freud, Please

There is a problem I seem to have. No, this isn’t more about my bladder concerns (something else I can thankfully banish to 2008) but more to do with here.

Throughout the day I have a seemingly never ending supply of thoughts going through my head. Anything and everything usually; some stuff I’d like to share, some stuff I probably shouldn’t and some things that are technically illegal in 47 of the 50 US states. Though quite why I spend my days thinking about MDF, I’ve no idea. Or however that joke from I’m Alan Partridge goes.

Problem is, I have a never ending supply of things to say, but never a way to say them.  On a basic level it’s a form of writers block but it seems to go a bit beyond that; some other kind of mental block that I could really do with sorting out cause it does seem to extend to my everyday life as well as this humble little interweb home. For example at the moment I seem to have plenty of thoughts on Liverpool’s form in the Premier League and Rafa’s apparently remarkable rant against Sir Alex, which was neither remarkable or a rant; the wonderments of Fallout 3 and why it’s inspiring me to visit Washington this year; and in turn why resurrecting beloved franchises from the past can be a dangerous thing for anyone to do (partly inspired by my mate Tim’s review of the update of the Ghost in The Shell) as well as countless other things such as politics, the economy, gaming, travelling and the world at large.

I suppose I could do with getting my head round it fairly soon. Not cause I seriously believe that what I have to say is important, more that the longer I let these things lie, the more they annoy and frustrate you (one thing I did learn from last year, but I’m not getting into that here and now.) And I’m certainly not concerned with coming as sounding childish and amateurish, as if I was I certainly wouldn’t have imported all my old Blogger posts.

A start would be to touch on the thoughts raised above but simply devoting some time here would enough of a catalyst to get the mind up and running properly for 2009, and a properly running mind something that was sorely missing in 2008. And I think with that, we can put 2008 firmly in the back of our minds and move onto bigger and hopefully better things. Or at the very least one of the two, anyroad.

2 thoughts on “Less of the Freud, Please

  1. If I knew the answer to writer’s block, I would 1) Tell you and 2) Have some sort of lovely patent on it that would be funding the building of the world’s finest pinball museum. I always think back to what Douglas Adams said about writing, which was (and I’m paraphrasing wildly here) “Writing is easy, all you have to do is stare at a piece of paper until your head bleeds”. He was particularly talented in the area of writer’s block, as at least two of his books were finished after his publisher almost forcible locked him in hotel rooms. There are also accusations of some of the books finishing rather abruptly at the point the publisher ripped the last page from the typewriter.

    Just try writing. Sometimes I’ll type nonsense sentences until I can think of what I actually want to say, then delete back over them. Use a notebook or fancy phone/ipod to take down germs of ideas when they appear. As I’m sat at a computer most of the time, I use Google Notebook to do that, and add scribbled notes to that when I next reach a computer. And use drafts, if you’ve got an idea that isn’t working/quite right yet (I’m talking more for blog posts here), write what you can, and if it’s not publishable, write notes or words at the end of it to remember what your intent is, then save it as a draft, and come back to it the next day/a few days later/weeks/months etc.

  2. I did that last night after I finished this post. Did help clear my mind a bit and will go back to it tonight/tomorrow to finish it off.

    Need to get back into the swing again, couldn’t seem to type for shit last night. That will probably be the best place to start.

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